End of the Road: Portugal

Driving the road we felt ourselves lean into each bend and curve, felt our ears pop as we edged higher and higher… me and my girl, journeying to find the end of the road. I needed to find the end of the road because for a change, I wanted to be somewhere. No onwards, no through,… Continue reading End of the Road: Portugal


Wild Lands: Scotland

For me, this is the last wilderness of the UK... I have wanted to do a campervan road trip around the Highlands of Scotland for a very long time and now we are; I am as in awe as I knew I would be. We drive silent roads, we walk in every kind of weather… Continue reading Wild Lands: Scotland

North We Go

It is so hot here that the air is totally, perfectly, still. Time feels empty. Hours stretch out with meaningless ease and I feel unable to meld into this giving up – this giving over – of energies to the heat. Instead I simply lie here wishing I could be doing something. Anything. For me… Continue reading North We Go