The Table

There is laughter and conversation between people from near, from far, both in physical and also in years. For a while I am silently absorbed in the moment, soaking up every smile, every line of face, every sentence, my face contentedly gleaming in the iridescent late evening light that is of the Highlands at this… Continue reading The Table


Oh, Scotland

And so we come to rest again… for a while… and I feel a deep sigh within; a contentment that we have come to a standstill in a place that takes my breath away. If there is anything I have learned in this past year of attempting to explore the idea of roots in the… Continue reading Oh, Scotland

What I know About Standing Still

Restful, deep breaths, a temporary equilibrium that feels easy. Water runs, heat burns; everything is stable and stationary. There is comfort in this state for it brings a silencing of wired thoughts and yet… there is the constant danger of boredom lurking on the horizon. It’s been too long that my water has not run,… Continue reading What I know About Standing Still

This Nomadic Life

I am sleeping (or not) in my car, which is parked up in France overlooking the Atlantic. Everything I need for three months is in the car with me and the feeling of freedom this thought brings elates me from deep within. The waves are crashing in the background; that and the sound of my… Continue reading This Nomadic Life

The City

The city… I need to take a deep breath simply after saying those words. Let me try again. The city… all at once a mad, crazy, merry-go-round, sucking me into its heart where I spin in a daze, under its spell, for several days before being released from its grip in the least compassionate of… Continue reading The City

Apennine Mountains: Italy

It’s peaceful up here in the mountains. I didn’t realise how it would actually feel to be up here, but it’s just that. Silent. Quiet. So all-consuming that I haven’t even been able to muster the energy to write because I am able only to be. Of course, settling into the new routines of a… Continue reading Apennine Mountains: Italy