The Table

There is laughter and conversation between people from near, from far, both in physical and also in years. For a while I am silently absorbed in the moment, soaking up every smile, every line of face, every sentence, my face contentedly gleaming in the iridescent late evening light that is of the Highlands at this… Continue reading The Table


Oh, Scotland

And so we come to rest again… for a while… and I feel a deep sigh within; a contentment that we have come to a standstill in a place that takes my breath away. If there is anything I have learned in this past year of attempting to explore the idea of roots in the… Continue reading Oh, Scotland

Wild Lands: Scotland

For me, this is the last wilderness of the UK... I have wanted to do a campervan road trip around the Highlands of Scotland for a very long time and now we are; I am as in awe as I knew I would be. We drive silent roads, we walk in every kind of weather… Continue reading Wild Lands: Scotland