A Destination, Porto

The beach. Just the very word makes me sigh with a deep sense of comfort. For me there is something about it that draws you in; gives focus to the day. I only need to call out ‘shall we walk to the beach with the doggies?’ and all life springs into action. I wonder, what… Continue reading A Destination, Porto


End of the Road: Portugal

Driving the road we felt ourselves lean into each bend and curve, felt our ears pop as we edged higher and higher… me and my girl, journeying to find the end of the road. I needed to find the end of the road because for a change, I wanted to be somewhere. No onwards, no through,… Continue reading End of the Road: Portugal

Lost Days: Extremadura

In an olive grove in Extremadura, the winter sun warming my face, the Serins and Sparrows chirping around me, playfully darting from apple tree to persimmon to olive, the undulating velvety green hills in the distance… I sit, motionless. Time drifts over me like air, thoughts come and go gently and I bask in the… Continue reading Lost Days: Extremadura

Wild Lands: Scotland

For me, this is the last wilderness of the UK... I have wanted to do a campervan road trip around the Highlands of Scotland for a very long time and now we are; I am as in awe as I knew I would be. We drive silent roads, we walk in every kind of weather… Continue reading Wild Lands: Scotland

One Night in Portugal

Our Portugal is on the edge: bordered on one side by the indescribable lure of lively Spaniards and on the other, the comfort and softness of the Portuguese. The land is green, spilling into hidden valleys. It is dusty, backed by breathtaking rock faces. It is hot; it is cool, but it is always balm to… Continue reading One Night in Portugal

Apennine Mountains: Italy

It’s peaceful up here in the mountains. I didn’t realise how it would actually feel to be up here, but it’s just that. Silent. Quiet. So all-consuming that I haven’t even been able to muster the energy to write because I am able only to be. Of course, settling into the new routines of a… Continue reading Apennine Mountains: Italy