Let Them Play

I'm thrilled to have shared another part of our home education journey through a second guest blog post for the lovely Ross Mountney. Ross’s blog and books have been such a source of inspiration and support since we began our home-ed journey more than eight years ago. If you’re just starting out or considering taking… Continue reading Let Them Play


Sewing is Powerful Stuff

I've just written a guest blog post about our home education journey, for the lovely Ross Mountney. Ross's blog and books have been such a source of inspiration and support since we began our home-ed journey more than seven years ago. If you're just starting out or considering taking this path then please do check… Continue reading Sewing is Powerful Stuff

This Nomadic Life

I am sleeping (or not) in my car, which is parked up in France overlooking the Atlantic. Everything I need for three months is in the car with me and the feeling of freedom this thought brings elates me from deep within. The waves are crashing in the background; that and the sound of my… Continue reading This Nomadic Life

Free Like A Bird

Why is it that I love birds so much I sometimes wonder? It seems their presence has permeated my every living moment in recent months. From the playful chirps of swallows in Marbella, delighting no doubt in their safe journey over from Africa, to the Serins of central Spain who I watched and listened to… Continue reading Free Like A Bird

The City

The city… I need to take a deep breath simply after saying those words. Let me try again. The city… all at once a mad, crazy, merry-go-round, sucking me into its heart where I spin in a daze, under its spell, for several days before being released from its grip in the least compassionate of… Continue reading The City

Apennine Mountains: Italy

It’s peaceful up here in the mountains. I didn’t realise how it would actually feel to be up here, but it’s just that. Silent. Quiet. So all-consuming that I haven’t even been able to muster the energy to write because I am able only to be. Of course, settling into the new routines of a… Continue reading Apennine Mountains: Italy

Autumn in England

My daughter runs ahead, her face glows damp from the fine mist of rain that falls softly from a silent grey sky. She delights in the trees ~ usually plump with cascading green leaves ~ now standing stark against an empty world, stripped bare but for a smattering of brown leaves clinging helplessly at the… Continue reading Autumn in England