A Destination, Porto

The beach. Just the very word makes me sigh with a deep sense of comfort.

For me there is something about it that draws you in; gives focus to the day. I only need to call out ‘shall we walk to the beach with the doggies?’ and all life springs into action.

I wonder, what it is about this stretch of sand and water at the end of a road that makes life feel so much more… together? I ponder as to whether it is simply the walking purposefully, knowing that you will – without doubt – reach your destination.

Lately I have longed for destination, to stand still and breathe. Life is about the journey, yes, but sometimes a journey can be in one place.

Over the years many places have made me want to stay for a while but always – always – it’s not long before I am bitten again by the urge to move on, endlessly enthralled by the idea that something else is waiting for me in some other destination.

Right now, though, I realise that seasons are another destination and having watched each one unfold in one country last year, I recognise my deep yearning to continue on that journey, that journey of standing still.

My six week road trip through Spain and Portugal, just me and my girls (daughter and doggies) ended at a beach house near Porto and the daily ritual of coastal walking gave me time to strengthen this conviction. The comfort of the beach as my definite destination each morning, each evening, gave rhythm to the day; to life, and so I end this road trip wondering if our next chapter will place me somewhere I can stay a while.


6 thoughts on “A Destination, Porto”

  1. Glad to see you’ve been on the road again, Alice, how lovely to be in the sun and by the sea. Hope it has bolstered you for a return to the grey! Beautiful photo. Much love x

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    1. Oh lovely to hear from you, Ana… the mountains sun and sea have certainly invigorated our souls and provided lots of opportunity to consider next chapters. More on that sooon. Sending love to you and hoping life is going well xxx


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